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Voice Over Recording Services

• Experienced • 35 Foreign LanguagesTranslation • Multiple Formats • Quick Turnaround •

For more than 20 years, Worldly Voices is dedicated to providing digitized custom voice files in a multitude of formats and in more than 35 languages . Worldly Voices is the most experienced company working exclusively in the Computer Telephony and Speech Technology Industry today and has the expertise to record the highest quality custom voice prompts quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

We maintain long term relationships with manufacturers and developers, providing daily, weekly and monthly updates on a per order basis. We received the Product of the Year Award from Computer Telephony Magazine for innovative voice prompt recording and service.

Experienced. In 20 years, Worldly Voices has produced more than 2 million voice prompts for a wide variety of customers. Developers, manufacturers and multimedia producers from SOHO systems to Fortune 500 companies rely on us to provide their voice prompts on a daily, weekly, monthly or as-needed basis. We focus solely on recording custom voice prompts. Because of our expertise, your voice prompts will be professionally produced and cost-effective.

Foreign Languages. Worldly Voices offers translation and voice prompt recording in 35 languages. Check out our voices. If you don’t see what you need, just ask.

Numerous Applications. We’ve recorded custom voice prompts for IVR, VOIP, ACD, Voicemail, PBX, IVR, IWR, Electronic Trial Management, Questionnaires and Surveys, Speech Recognition Applications, Conferencing, Banking, Dealer Locators, Auto Attendants, Voice Verification and other voice recording applications. We’re ready to assist you with your specific end use.

Multiple N.P. Formats. Worldly Voices offers voice prompts in the N.P. file format you need, such as Altigen, Shoretel, Pronexus, Natural MicroSystems, Asterisk, PBX,ADPCM, WAV, RAW, NMS, Mulaw Wav, Alaw, Dialogic, Rhetorex, MP3, G.711, and more. In fact, our voice prompts can be sent in more than 200 N.P. audio formats.

Quick Turnaround. We can deliver your voice prompts within two to three business days.  Our friendly, professional engineers are ready to work with you to record the voice prompts you need.


Worldly Voices
2610 Westwood Drive – Nashville TN 37204